Too close


good music makes me creative

without any words spoken, we just smiled at each other. nothing else could reach us as we stared at each other. we were special together and yet so alone. the difference was that we were now lonely together. when sunrise came we went inside, laid down on our bed and he would hold me tight. I would close my eyes and wish it wasn’t a dream. because i knew i was happy and so was he.


 Painting by Odd Nerdrum This have nothing to do with the picture. Rather the song Flashback by Fat Freddy’s Drop. Fat Freddy’s Drop is a seven-piece band from Wellington, New Zealand, whose musical style has been characterised as any combination of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and techno. – Stolen from Wikipedia.

Now to serious business, I wanted to introduce you to Fat Freddy’s Drop. One of my favorite bands of all time. The songs are so exiting and they always tell a story. They express so much feeling and passion. Oh, how I would love to see the band live. I would properly start crying, well, I know I would. It’s so beautiful, so pure and chill. I relax so easily and feel like a bird. Freedom comes over me and I feel that I can do what ever I want without any ones approval. I have no idea how many times their songs have saved my mind from exploding. I feel so inspired to do crazy things when I listen to their songs. My favorite top three is: «The Raft», «Hope» and «Flashback».

Amy Winehouse Speaking of music, Amy Winehouse. What a gorgeous woman. I don’t think I have heard any woman speak so sensual and sexy before. As well as the way she sings, it’s beautiful. It crushes me that I will never see her live, like wise with my favorite band; Nirvana. Amy seems so bad ass and rough, but also with a secret sweet side. It’s strange to say, but i defiantly look up to her. Now, forget about her addiction to drugs. Oh, I just recalled that sometimes when I dress up, some people find me very much Amy like. I always smile when someone say that. It makes me feel… wanted, kind of. Maybe wanted is the wrong word.

Yesterday when I was «riding» with M, a friend of mine, I heard one of the most craziest songs. It’s called House music by Eddie Amador. The weird part is that usually I can’t stand music like that, but this song is so out of the ordinary. Have a listen.

Now it’s time to play some sims and watch some criminal minds. Good night, good morning and good day.