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About the title, I saw this sentence written on the scalp of Homer Simpson. It was hilarious, but also quite embarrassing. After all I was trying to pee and this picture was hanging in front of me.

I have been hanging out with P today. She´s one of my closest friends and we needed to talk. To air some of the things we find hard out. If you like reading and giggling you may check out her blog;

My girlfriend is off to the Yule ball. We´ve hardly spoken today after a giant fight we had yesterday. I miss her, though I won´t lay down in the dust while she is at the ball. I´m so tired that I can´t even hear myself think. I´m not even sure I have any thoughts, goddammit. My eyes are baggy and my voice is rough. My hair is a mess and I feel underdressed. I keep thinking it will get better as my day goes, but nothing seems to happen. I guess I feel a little lonely. It´s almost unfair of me to say since I always have tons of people to hang out with or talk to. Still, the one I want isn´t here.

I feel like a wallflower, even though I´m not. I am currently sitting at Deli De Luca. People are noisy and it´s really warm inside. It´s getting dark pretty fast since winter is approaching. It´s still early, well afternoon soon, but still, it´s so uncomfortable. Being outside, with out meaning. I´m not making any sense am I? I guess not.

The making of the christmas gift
The making of the christmas gift.

Uh, i have to go back to P.