Forgetting someone is never easy, specially not when you’ve shared your whole self. As of now I am trying to forget the small things. Favorite food, color, plans – all that stuff. I’m trying to smile, to forget – to love ME instead of someone else. It’s harder than I thought it would be. Everyone else has moved on. It’s old news now apparently. However, no one truly knows how I feel and I’m not up for sharing it all. I must say I’ve been good. I have avoided social medias where I follow or have the opportunity to stalk that someone. I’m doing what I said I would; erasing all evidence. I’m going to lock it all up inside. I’m going to let my hate grow. In the end I will remember this someone as a sinner, a liar and a cunt. This is how I am truly going to get over what has happened. I respect his/her choices, but I will never forget the biggest lie, the lie I have marked on my body for the rest of my life; Always. In good or bad. And Lord knows it has been a lot of bad. I will never forgive that someone or each person that I consider close to me who mingles with her/him. I am done. At least trying. 


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