Dear Galaxy s2,
I pressed some sort of button and suddenly you asked me what I wanted to do. There’s lots I want to do. First of all I want to take back things that I’ve done. Second, I wish everyone all well. Third and last I want to disappear for good. I feel like nothing will ever get better, I don’t feel safe. I will rather go back to that time when I didn’t feel anything. When I was numb. I want to be the better me. The me I know I can be. I reget so much and it feels like I’m gonna be sick. I am disguested with myself.


Up or down

Things are mostly going down or maybe it’s just me. Mindfucking myself is after all my speciality. I feel  a bit lost, like i don’t really belong anywhere. With other words.. I’m depressed again and it’s bad this time because i don’t fully understand  it. I wish i could fly away and just never come back.