Painting by Odd Nerdrum This have nothing to do with the picture. Rather the song Flashback by Fat Freddy’s Drop. Fat Freddy’s Drop is a seven-piece band from Wellington, New Zealand, whose musical style has been characterised as any combination of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and techno. – Stolen from Wikipedia.

Now to serious business, I wanted to introduce you to Fat Freddy’s Drop. One of my favorite bands of all time. The songs are so exiting and they always tell a story. They express so much feeling and passion. Oh, how I would love to see the band live. I would properly start crying, well, I know I would. It’s so beautiful, so pure and chill. I relax so easily and feel like a bird. Freedom comes over me and I feel that I can do what ever I want without any ones approval. I have no idea how many times their songs have saved my mind from exploding. I feel so inspired to do crazy things when I listen to their songs. My favorite top three is: «The Raft», «Hope» and «Flashback».

Amy Winehouse Speaking of music, Amy Winehouse. What a gorgeous woman. I don’t think I have heard any woman speak so sensual and sexy before. As well as the way she sings, it’s beautiful. It crushes me that I will never see her live, like wise with my favorite band; Nirvana. Amy seems so bad ass and rough, but also with a secret sweet side. It’s strange to say, but i defiantly look up to her. Now, forget about her addiction to drugs. Oh, I just recalled that sometimes when I dress up, some people find me very much Amy like. I always smile when someone say that. It makes me feel… wanted, kind of. Maybe wanted is the wrong word.

Yesterday when I was «riding» with M, a friend of mine, I heard one of the most craziest songs. It’s called House music by Eddie Amador. The weird part is that usually I can’t stand music like that, but this song is so out of the ordinary. Have a listen.

Now it’s time to play some sims and watch some criminal minds. Good night, good morning and good day.


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