Ever had a feeling that something is drifting away? Well, i feel that i’m drifting – a little bit too fast. Suddenly i lost my thoughts and i can’t remember what i was thinking about writing. It’s weird how the mind works, huh? I’m not sure how to explain this, but all i can truly say is that i’m tired. So tired that i fall asleep without noticing.

This weekend my girlfriend is off to the Yule ball in another city. It’s fair to mention that we don’t live in the same city to start with, but now she traveling even further away from me. Oh, poor soul and poor me. Back to what i was telling you about. A girl i’m no longer friends with is going to be there as well. This causes problems and discussion between my girlfriend and i. Oh, sweet Buddha. It’s really shit that some of my other friends are going, actually everyone but me. So i thought; WTF. I want to have a nice weekend as well. I talked to Mäli, who is my ex-girlfriend, but also one of my closest friends if she wants to sleep over. She said yeah and asked if she actually could paint my back. It’s weird to say, but she always nagged about painting my back. She loves the human body.

For you reading this; I hope i stop writing about my love issues or troubles or paranoid break soon. It’s not fun to read about this, but again – it’s not fun reading this blog anyways. Usually i write about anxiety, dreams, happiness, loss and okay, pretty much everything. Though, love is such a hard topic for me. I mean, my love life has been so fucked up over the years. The memories, well i try to forget not that it will happen anytime soon.

Let’s just enjoy the song. I’m done writing, at least.. trying to write.


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