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Hello, you can call me Fonz. This is my ‘WTF’ blog or.. well, i have no idea what to call it, but here are some of my thoughts in words, music and pictures.

I looked over some flight tickets today to Amsterdam as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. She didn’t seem that happy, even though she tried to tell me the opposite. She kept on talking to a friend while we were skyping, her ex-girlfriend in fact. I mean, i don’t have a problem with that – you know, her speaking to her ex, but still… after her not been happy for my kind of expensive gift… It was just a little bit too much. Don’t think that i’m overreacting because we fight all the time. I mean, it’s not a normal day if we don’t discuss or argue about something. It’s okay i guess, a part of my every day life and sometimes i even catch myself enjoying it.

My girlfriend is seriously not my type. She a posh kid and listen to music i would rather cut my ears off then listening to. She’s a tomboy and tries to be as manly as she possibly can. I don’t fall for girls like that. I like my «cookies» with some spice. An ideal girlfriend or boyfriend for me would be someone who loves music, poetry, art, writing and sweet, simple things. Oh, and he or she needs to be a little bastard sometimes, but with a sweet side. My girlfriend, if i can even call her that, is dishonest. She’s weird and fun, but still.. we should properly not be together. The clue is that we don’t choose who we fall in love with. Sometimes it last in love and sometimes it hurts instead. Oh, how i love Adele.

what helps

To sum it up; I do love my girlfriend. I sure do. I tell her everything, from the smallest ant to the running antelope. Even though she’s not the one i would normally fall in love with, she is mine. It’s not enough when i say that she is beautiful because she is so much more than that. I mean, she is not sharpest knife, but when it comes to end – she is there for me. Making me smile and most important of all – she makes me happy.

I honestly think this is the most cliche post i have ever written. After all i can’t stand things like this. I’m more closed and i push away my soft side pretty often. Sometimes i do have to be soft, i don’t want to push away all of my friends. Even though that is what i usually do. It’s like a pattern that follows me around, you know. I only have one friend from ninth grade until now – 5 years later. She is my best friend and the only one who truly accepts me for what i am. What i am will you know in my next post and if i keep feeling like this it will be posted sooner than it should.


Heart shaped box by Nirvana


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